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Thanks for your interest in computer programming! At West County Union High School District we have two options:

More information about each is below. If you have questions, please check in with Mr. Hays at

Computer Programming

Computer Programming is a fun and interesting class that introduces you to key concepts using Python, Scratch, and Arduinos, and micro:bit processors. (It's OK if you don't know what any of those things are, that's why you'd take the class!) You will have chances to make cool art projects, create games, write programs to do your math homework, and in general get comfortable with how programming works. You get to be creative on nearly every project. Computer Programming is for any student who wants to explore what all this technology stuff is about... if you're curious, check it out! No prior programming experience is necessary. The class counts as a practical art towards graduation. And... there is no homework :-)

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No prior programming experience is necessary, just choose the class during registration for next year's classes.


AP Computer Science A

If you already know you want to get serious about programming, check out AP Computer Science, a fascinating, challenging, and fun class that teaches you how to program in Java, an industry standard programming language. The year-long course is equivalent to a one semester college course. You don't need to already know how to program to take the course, but you should have passed Math 2 or higher with a B or better. If you are self- motivated, interested in learning, and able to work independently you should do well. We use a variety of in-class and online activities. Expect about 1 hour of homework outside of class per week. At the end of it all in May we take the AP Computer Science A test using pencil and paper.

Find out more by checking in with Mr. Hays by email at

You can also find out more about AP Computer Science A at the College Board web site.

If you want to take AP Computer Science next year, sign up during online course registration after making sure you satisfy the requirements below. Return your signed AP Contract to Mr. Hays in the Maker Lab during Tutorial.


Thanks for your interest in computer programming!

Best of luck with your classes, regardless of what you decide to do here.


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